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191019 - Amber Run in London (21 of 43).


Glyn is an experienced teacher, confident in offering support to any drummer interested in pursuing a course within music, and within any genre. He is happy to work with all standards of player, from beginner/intermediate to advanced. Funk, Rock, Soul, Metal and Jazz can all be covered, as well as the drumming building blocks: rudiments and other technical exercises. Sight-reading and grade exams can also be included into a personally tailored lesson plan.


"After many years of wanting to play the drums, I finally found the time to give it a try. As someone picking up the instrument later in life, Glyn has aided me through the coordination barriers and technical difficulties of the instrument with challenging and fun drum lessons." - Caroline Williams

"I have found the drums difficult but fun, and Glyn has really helped me. I enjoyed playing the beats I learned along with the music I like." - Dan (age 14)

"My daughter Naomi had become bored of the drums after many dull drum lessons with a previous teacher and wasn’t progressing. Glyn related her playing to music that she likes and showed her how to play for enjoyment. She is now playing in bands and takes pride in her drumming." - Tricia, mother of pupil

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